Add SaaS System

When adding your vendors, you'll need to also to add the SaaS systems associated with those vendors before you can initiate Vendor Reviews. To add a new SaaS system, click on "SaaS Systems" from the GRC dropdown


In the SaaS Systems screen, click "Add SaaS System" in the upper right hand corner


In the window that opens, you can add your SaaS systems individually, or in bulk.

Adding SaaS Systems Individually

In this window, you can add your SaaS system and enter all your relevant information when creating the entry. You can also add information after the system is added via the SaaS Systems screen

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Adding SaaS Systems in bulk

You can add your SaaS systems via comma or newline-separated lists. In this screen, you will only enter the names of your systems and can enter the rest of the information via the SaaS System screen after creation.