Addigy is a mobile device management (MDM) tool for Apple devices. It gives you a central location to manage your workforce’s devices by creating policies that dictate how the device can be used and providing tools like remote setup, locking, and wiping.


Up-to-date asset inventory
By integrating with Addigy, you'll quickly create an inventory of all your Addigy-managed devices (laptops, phones, etc.) Additionally, you can leverage Procedures to automatically trigger processes when devices are added or removed from Addigy.


Our Addigy integration uses a service account to access only the endpoints necessary to keep your asset inventory up to date.


To install the Addigy integration, you will need:

  1. Your Client ID
  2. Your Client Secret
  3. Your Addigy Subdomain

These can be found by logging into your Addigy account and visiting Account > Integrations. Click "Add API" to create an integration key, then copy the client ID and secret and store them somewhere safe, as they will not be available once the modal is closed.

To create or view your subdomain, visit Account > Settings and set or copy the subdomain from the input labeled "Subdomain".

In Comply, enter the Client ID, Client Secret, and Addigy Subdomain into the relevant fields, then submit. Note that you only need to enter the subdomain in the "Domain" field. For example, if your Addigy subdomain was, you would only enter healthco in the form.