Archiving Assets

If you need to remove an asset from your inventory, you can Archive it by clicking the vertical ellipse next to the asset on the index page, then clicking "Archive."


Certain attributes of the asset will prevent you from archiving it; you have to resolve those issues before you can do so:

  • People that own tickets: you must re-assign those tickets first
  • People who are members of teams: you must remove their team membership (or remove the team) first
  • People who also have a Comply login need to be removed via your Team Management page.

Assets that are imported from integrations cannot currently be archived.


Use "Inactive" instead of "Archive" if you're retiring an asset

If you had an asset formerly in-use (for example, a production application that was retired, or a person who left the organization), you should mark that asset as "Inactive" rather than Archive it. That's because your auditor will want to see evidence of those assets (or people) being properly de-provisioned or offboarded.

You should only use "Archive" to clean up extraneous data.