Code Repos

What is a Code Repo?

Code Repositories are the source code for your proprietary information systems. Source code is important to protect in and of itself, since it is the blueprints of your critical IP - but source code can be a major source of security vulnerabilities, security secrets and more.

How do I add a Code Repo?

We recommend integrating with your source code host to create and keep and up-to-date inventory of your code repos.

  • Learn more about our GitHub integration
  • Learn more about our GitLab integration

You can also add code repos manually:

  • Click on the Assets tab in the top navbar
  • Select Code Repos on the left hand navigation
  • Click Add Code Repo in the top right
  • Add in the Name, Owner and Status
  • Status Legend:
    • Active: repo is being actively managed using Comply for functions like access control reviews, authorizations, etc.
    • Inactive: repo is no longer in use and/or is not being managed within Comply
  • Select Add Code Repo at the bottom