Complete Audits

To finish an audit simply export the fulfilled request list to provide to an auditor, once that's been reviewed and you've completed the audit you can make the audit in Comply as complete.

Exporting a Fulfilled Request List

Comply makes it easy to export a fulfilled request list including all of the evidence collected organized in an easy to understand folder structure to expedite audits. Exports are a ZIP file that includes:

  • Folders of each evidence item exported
  • A JSON file containing metadata about the evidence item (such as your "notes")
  • Any attachments to the specific evidence items.

A CSV summarizing the exported evidence will also be included when exporting a full request list.

To export a request list simply click the "Export" button.


Click the "Export" button.

Completing an Audit

Once an auditor has completed your audit you can mark the audit in Comply as completed. Simply click the "Complete Audit" button.


Click the "Complete Audit" button.