Control Details

The Control Details dashboard is a deep dive into the Evidence collected, Automations, Procedures, Risk, Audits, mappings to Policies, and other details for a specific Control.


Clicking on the name of the Control in the details table will take you to more information about that Requirement in your ISMS

The default timeframe is for the last month, and at the top you can control the timeframe allowing you to choose from Last Week, Last Month, Last Quarter, or Last Year.

The Evidence chart and corresponding table will show you how much evidence has been collected related to that specific Control and what is labelled as Ok, Needs Attention, Non-Conformity, and Exceptions, with a daily breakdown. Clicking on an Evidence status will filter the chart to show only that status.

The table shows each automation which created Evidence related to that Control along with a column to numerically show each status per automation, and a breakdown of the status for Evidence collected by that automation. This table is sortable by any column. Clicking on an automation name will take you to the automation in your ISMS.