What are Devices?

Devices refer to the phones, laptops, workstations, and the other physical devices and endpoints that access your data.

How can I add a Device?

By integrating with Jamf, Comply will keep your device inventory up-to-date with all devices managed in Jamf.

  • Learn more about our Jamf integration

You can also add devices manually:

  • Click on the Assets tab in the top navbar
  • Select Devices on the left hand navigation
  • Click Add Device in the top right
  • Add in the Name of the Device as well as the Owner, Serial Number, Model, and Status
  • Status Legend:
    • Active: device is being actively used by an employee or contractor
    • Inactive: device is no longer in use and/or is not being managed within Comply
  • Select Add Device at the bottom

You can also add several devices at once by clicking "Add in Bulk."



"Carried By" vs. "Owner"

Comply gives you the option of matching People to Devices in two ways: via an "Owner" field, or by attaching a "Carried By" relationship. We recommend using "Owner" to refer to the HR or IT team member who is ultimately responsible for deprovisioning the device, e.g., after the employee separates. We recommend using "Carried By" as the person who has the device in his or her physical possession.