Assigning Contacts to Access Groups

Assign Existing Contacts To Access Groups

You can control which customers have access to certain documents in your Room by using Access Groups. They enable you to create groups, add customers to them, and assign document access to specific groups so that only those customers will see those documents.

To set up Access Groups and assign them to existing users, go to the Contact Permissions tab.


Next, determine which customer you would like to put into an access group. On their entry, go to the "Access Group" field and click the edit button.


In the popover that opens, you can select an access group or create a new access group by typing a name.


Once you've done this, the customer will be automatically assigned to this Access Group and it will show up in the "Access Group" field.




You can assign customers to multiple access groups. When they log in to your Room they will be able to see documents from each of the groups.

Assigning Access Groups when Inviting Contacts

You can assign Access Groups to customers and even create new groups when inviting new customers to your Room.


In the invite window, you can restrict their access to only unrestricted documents or you can grant them access to documents via Access Groups.


If you want to create a new Access Group during the invite process, just start typing in the drop-down field.