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Every Framework in your program has a dashboard specific to that Framework which shows the Evidence collected for the Applicable Requirements.

The default timeframe is for the last month, and at the top you can control the timeframe allowing you to choose from Last Week, Last Month, Last Quarter, or Last Year.

The Applicable Requirements table will show you every Applicable Requirement for that Framework along with the requirement number, Controls mapped, and a breakdown of the status for Evidence collected for that Requirement. Clicking on the Requirements status (Applicable Requirements, Mapped, Unaddressed) will filter the chart to show only that status.

The Controls chart shows each Control across all of your frameworks along with the Owner, number of Exceptions, number of Nonconformities, and a breakdown of the status for Evidence collected for that Control. This table is sortable by any column and able to be filtered by Owner. Clicking on an Applicable Requirements title will take you to the Requirement Details report.

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