Integration Overview

As a Compliance Automation Platform, Comply works best when you've integrated the tools that you use every day into it, by either leveraging our turnkey integrations or leveraging the Public API.

Comply's turnkey integrations fall into two categories:

Asset Integrations: Asset integrations monitor your core compliance assets. They provide these benefits:

  • Asset Inventories that are always up-to-date
  • Automations & Issue Monitoring of your compliance controls
  • Evidence extracted programmatically that can be used in audits

Ticket Integrations: Ticket integrations allow you to push workflows to the tools your team already use. These workflows include:

  • Recurring Procedures like user access reviews or governance meetings
  • Asset-based Procedures that trigger based on changes in your org, like employee offboarding
  • Evidence requests that arise in the context of an audit

When integrated with Slack or Jira, Comply lets your colleagues respond to tickets and upload evidence without even needing to log into Comply.

Asset Integrations

Ticket Integrations