Organizing Documents With Folders

Folders allow you to organize your documents for both Room admins and customers that access your Room. Access groups can also be applied at a folder level which simplifies the access control process.

Adding A Folder To Your Room

Click the "New Folder" button in the top right of the Room document panel. This will bring up the "Add Folder" modal.


From here simply fill out the folder details. It's important to note that you can either allow all approved contacts access this folder or you can restrict it to specific access groups. Read more about access groups here.


Add Documents to a Folder

In order to add a document to the folder you just created, simply click the "+" on the Folder action menu.


This will open the "Add New Document" modal with the folder pre-selected. Fill out this form like you would to create any document.


Move Documents Between Folders

You can move documents between folder by simply clicking on the "Move" button on the document action panel.


Select which folder you would like to move the document to. If the folder you are moving the document to has access group restrictions, the document will now respect those restrictions.