Risk Dashboard

Aptible's Risk Registry includes a dashboard that visualizes your risk posture at any point-in-time, as well as your progress over time.


Risk Register

The dashboard shows a raw count of risks by Risk Value, plotted on a 2x2 matrix of Impact and Likelihood (per NIST), based on your Risk Registry.


Raw Risk Value vs. Adjusted

If a risk in your registry has an Adjusted Risk Value, that value is the basis for the visualization. If a risk does not have an Adjusted Risk Value, then the Raw Risk Value is used in the visual.

Scrubbing a timeline of your risk registry

In addition to visualizing your risk registry at a point-in-time, the dashboard allows you to "scrub" a timeline of different versions of your registry so you can understand how your risk posture is changing.

Each step in the timeline represents a "version" of your Risk Registry. You can create versions in the Risk Registry itself:


Once you have multiple versions of your risk registry, you can:

  • Hit "Play" on the dashboard to automatically scrub through different versions of your Risk Registry;
  • Click on a specific version to jump to that visualization.

You can control what versions are visible in your dashboard timeline using the Date Picker tool.