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Account Groups vs People Asset Roles

In Comply your "People" asset entries are able to assigned a "Group" which helps with user access reviews and other compliance management tasks. The team members you invite into your Aptible account are also assigned a "Role" which allows you to assign them Permissions.

Roles in Aptible account management help you categorize your users so that you can assign Permissions across a group of people. For example you may want to invite your Sales Representatives to use Rooms, and only Rooms, to invite customers to access your security documentation.

It's possible for a person to have more than one Role assigned to them and they inherit the highest level of permissions available per product.

Creating A Role

To create a new Role to assign to your team members:

  1. Navigate to https://account.aptible.com

  2. There you'll see {My Company} Settings

  1. Click on Roles on the left side navigation

  1. Click "Create Role"

Assigning A Role

Follow steps 1 & 2 from above to get to your Company Settings:

  1. Click on Members on the left side navigation

  2. Click on a specific person

  3. Select the correct Roles (required)

  4. Click Save

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