Review & Approval workflows

If you want tickets to be reviewed before they are closed, you can assign a Reviewer. Reviewers can be configured in two places:

  • You can set a Reviewer on Procedures, so that every ticket generated from that procedure gets a review by default
  • Or you can set a Reviewer when creating ad-hoc tickets (including tickets generated as part of fulfilling an Audit Request List)


JIRA integration

Note that at this time, tickets that are pushed to JIRA are not eligible to have a Reviewer set on them in Comply. If you'd like tickets that are pushed to JIRA to go through a review process, we recommend that you set up an "In Review" status in your JIRA project.

Configuring Reviewer

To set a reviewer on a Procedure, click the pencil icon next to "Default Reviewer." Tickets created from these procedures will now go through a review process by default before they are closed.


You can also configure a reviewer when creating ad-hoc tickets directly in the Create Ticket modal.


Reviewing a ticket

When a ticket has a Reviewer configured on it, the ticket assignee will not be able to close the ticket directly. Instead, they can mark a ticket as "Ready for Review," which will then assign the ticket to the Reviewer.


The reviewer will then have the option of Approving or Rejecting the ticket. If the ticket gets rejected, the reviewer can choose whom to reassign it to and is prompted to provide a reject reason, which gets added to the ticket as a comment. The ticket returns to an Open state at this point.