Share via Link & Approve Access Requests

Share via Link

If you want to provide access to your room from your trust page or some other publicly available space, you can provide a link that allows the recipient to request access to your room.




This link maintains all of the security features of rooms. (e.g. it will not allow a user to see or download your documents in your room until you approve their request and they execute the NDA) To learn more about bypassing the NDA click here

Customer Experience

When customers click your link, they are presented with a "Request Access" window.


Here they can leave details about which product they are interested in or which documents they would like to review.


Once they've filled out the request, they'll see a confirmation screen


Request Approval

Once a customer or prospect has requested to view your Room, you'll be see those requests by going to the "Requests" tab in your Room


On the Requests tab, you can see all of your requests, both approved and needing attention


To take action on a request, click "Process Request"


In the window that opens, you can Approve or Reject the request.




You also have the ability to Bypass the NDA in the event that the customer requesting access has already executed an NDA with your company or they are only requesting access to publicly available documents.

After approving a request, it will show up in your "Requests" tab as "Approved".