Slack is a highly popular corporate chat application.


Allow Your Team To Get Notifications Where They Are
By integrating Comply with Slack you can notify control owners, assets owners, and other compliance collaborators of a ticket that's been assigned to them. This saves you having to onboard users on to a new tool and enables your workforce to be productive with the tool they're already familiar with. Comply uses name and email pattern matching to find the right contact and send then a Direct Message preventing you from having to make and maintain new channels for compliance notifications.

Upload Evidence Directly from Chat
With the Slack integration ticket assignees can simply respond to notifications in Slack with text and attachments which are uploaded to the ticket in Comply. The ticket is closed and the evidence is logged for use in proving control implementation in audits. Instead of managing access, onboarding, and education of how to use Comply for compliance collaborators, enable them to do their work in the chat tool they already use.



After you've setup the integration (instructions below), you're ready to start receiving ticket notifications in Slack.

First, create a Procedure. Proceed through the steps until you complete the procedure. The ticket owner will automatically be notified in Slack every time a ticket is created based on that procedure.


You can select any Person you track in Comply to be the assignee in Slack, whether they have a Comply user account or not. Comply will try to find this person by their name in Slack and Direct Message them notifications. If they are not found, the notification will not be sent in Slack (and will still be available in other places like email). The notification will include the guidance, notes, and asset information from Comply.


Messages and attachment which are replied to in a thread are captured within the ticket and the ticket gets closed. Any further messages and attachments continue to be applied to the ticket.\



Setup for the Slack integration uses OAuth to a Slack Admin account to create an App which will send people messages.

Step 1: Navigate to the Integrations page and Click on the Slack card under the Ticket Integrations.


Step 2: When shown the Slack instructions click on Authenticate


Step 3: Review the scope of access and click Allow


That's it!


The most common problems when setting up the integration are:

  • Not using a Slack admin account.

If you receive an error message when trying to sync create your integrated tickets, please check the above items and contact [email protected] if the problem persists.

Reinstall Slack

If you need to reinstall Slack or change which Slack workspace is integrated with Comply follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to Integrations in Comply
Step 2: Click on Slack
Step 3: Click Edit


Step 4: Read the details and click on Authenticate


Step 5: In Slack you can allow the permissions or in the top right change the workspace for the Slack integration


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