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Ticket Integrations

Ticketing integrations let you distribute tasks in the systems your workforce already know and use. Manage all the complexities of what work need to be done, who needs to do it, and when it needs to be done in Comply's friendly, purpose-built for your compliance needs UI.

Simplified Collaboration

Compliance teams have a lot to manage, tools shouldn’t be adding to that list. With Comply, compliance teams can use one tool to manage their work and collaborate with other teams.

Create tickets - When a task needs collaboration with another team, the compliance team can create a ticket in Comply and specify its destination. This then creates a ticket in the connected system with all the information needed to complete the task.

Assign tickets - You can assign tickets to users in connected systems, even if they aren’t Comply users. Simply specify a person, set the ticket destination, and Comply will do its best to find that user in the connected system for assignment.

Monitor progress - When a ticket created in Comply is marked as Done, it’s synced back as Closed in Comply.

Single Source of Truth - All your compliance work in a single, organized place. No more digging through other systems.

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Ticket Integrations

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