What are Tickets?

Tickets are the "units of manual work" in Comply, and track instances of a procedure through to completion, creating an auditable log of everything you're doing for compliance.

Click on "Tickets" in the main navbar to view your Ticket Index:


Acting on a Ticket

Tickets have everything the assignee needs in order to run the given procedure. The Ticket Guidance is copied from the Procedure that gave rise to the ticket (see Procedures for more information). Tickets support commenting, note-taking, and can be marked as "Done" or "Cancelled."


Opening a Ticket

Most tickets don't need to be "opened" manually; instead, they'll be triggered automatically (either on a recurring basis or based on a change to an asset - see Procedures for more information).

However, you may occasionally need to open a ticket manually. To do so:

  • Click "Open Ticket" from the Ticket Index
  • You can search among your existing "Active" Manual procedures to create a new ticket from a procedure; or
  • You can create a one-off ticket from scratch.

Ticket Notifications

In accordance with each users preferences, they will receive an email notification for ticket(s) as they are generated and assigned to them. Ticket Owners will get email notifications about their tickets bundled together and sent hourly.

The types of notifications for tickets that exist are:

  • Ticket created

Ticket Attachments

You can attach supporting files and evidence to a ticket. To attach a file to a ticket in Comply click the pencil icon on the "Supporting attachments" field.

Individual attachments are limited to 50mb and Comply allows the following file types to be uploaded as attachments:

  • Zip
  • PDF
  • Plain text
  • HTML
  • JSON
  • CSV
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • PNG
  • Excel
  • OpenXML
  • Visio
  • PPT
  • Word
  • RAR
  • GZIP

Select and upload attachments to a Ticket

Assigning a Ticket

You can assign a ticket to yourself or someone else to complete. Tickets can be assigned to Comply users or if you've enabled the Jira integration you can assign it to a Jira user.


Jira Tickets

Please review the Jira documentation to learn more about how tickets in Comply sync with tickets in Jira.


Next Up

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