Tracking Customer Activity

For further detail on customer and prospect activity in your Room, you view engagement metrics on the Customer Activity screen by clicking on "Account Activity"


On this screen you can see all of the customers and prospects (grouped by domain) who have access to your Room, the email addresses of the users who have logged in, how many documents they have downloaded, and the date of their last activity.

You can also track customer and prospect access status in order to see where they are in the invite process on the Contact Permissions screen by clicking "Contact Permissions"


On this screen, you can see the email addresses of users you’ve invited to your room, the state of their Non-Disclosure Agreement, and their Access Status.

Access Status

In Aptible Comply, there are three Access Statuses assigned to invited users:


Assigned to users whose NDA has been executed or bypassed and recorded with Comply.


Assigned to users who have been invited to your Room but haven’t executed the NDA yet.


Assigned to users who you have decided should no longer have access to your Room.

Non-Disclosure Agreement State

Comply Rooms tracks NDAs with two states:


Assigned for users whose NDA has been verified outside of Comply and bypassed during the invite process.

To learn more about bypassing NDAs, click here.


Assigned for users who have executed their NDA through Comply as part of the invite process. You can use this link to view their signed NDA without having to leave Comply.

For more information on viewing a customer’s signed NDA click here.