Vendor Questionnaires

During a Vendor review, you have the ability to send an assessment by clicking "Send Assessment"


In the window that comes up, you can choose which one of your assessments to send, name it, as well as enter the contact details of the vendor you're assessing




Aptible includes a pre-built vendor assessment titled "Comply Baseline Vendor Security Assessment", based on the Aptible baseline which offers best-practice security questions that allow you to determine Vendor Risk exposure.

For custom assessments, as part of your White Glove Assessment creation, we will take your current assessments during onboarding and load them into Comply for you so that you'll be ready to send assessments on day one. If you didn't have your assessments loaded during onboarding, you can contact your CSM to get the process started.

Once you've sent the assessment, an assessment task will show up in the review under the "Tasks" section.


This assessment task will track the status of the assessment, the percentage of approved responses, and the number of responses that you have flagged for further explanation from the vendor.


When your vendor submits their responses to your assessment, you'll receive a notification prompting you to review their responses.


By clicking "View Assessment", you'll be able to view their responses in Comply. Here you can approve satisfactory responses:


You'll also be able to flag responses that need further explanation or changes from the vendor:


In the window that opens, you can explain your reasons for flagging the response or ask for further clarification:


Your request along with the flag will be attached to the question for your vendor to respond to when you're finished with your review.


When you've completed your review, you'll see how many flagged responses need clarification/edits and can send the flagged responses back to the vendor by clicking "Send Assessment Back to Vendor"


In the next window, you'll be asked to confirm that you want to re-open the assessment and send it back to the vendor. Click "Reopen and Notify Vendor" and your vendor contact will be instantly notified that they need to provide you with further information.


When the vendor has finished addressing your flagged responses, you'll be notified that you have new responses to review. Once the vendor has provided a satisfactory response, you can click "Approve Response"


The next window will ask you to confirm your approval, which will remove the flag for the response.


When all of the flagged responses have been approved, you can accept the assessment by clicking "Accept and Lock Assessment" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen:


In the next window, you'll see an assessment summary and will be asked to confirm that you want to accept and lock the assessment




Please pay careful attention to the assessment summary to ensure that you've completed your review of the responses and are comfortable with the number of approved answers and flagged responses that are left. After you click "Accept and Lock Assessment", the vendor will no longer be able to edit their responses or answer any of the questions.

After accepting the assessment, it is marked as Accepted on the Vendor Review screen.