Vendor Review

The Vendor Reviews screen provides a place to build out and collaborate with your team on completing your initial and recurring vendor reviews right from the tool. You can see all of your reviews, their statuses, and your progress toward completion, and a visual representation of each vendor's risk based on the review.


Opening a Vendor Review

To open a new vendor review, click the "Vendor Management" tab and then the "Reviews" tab


In the "Reviews" screen, click "Open a Review"


In the window that opens, you can choose the vendor you want to begin a review for. You can also choose which associated SaaS systems will be in scope of the reivew.


By choosing "Specific SaaS Systems associated with this Vendor" you can choose one or more of the associated systems. (e.g. you can perform a review on just Google Sheets or on both Confluence and Jira)


If you click "All active SaaS Systems associated with this vendor (Regular Review)" all of the associated SaaS systems will be in scope of the review.


In the window that opens, you'll be presented with the steps to be completed for the vendor review, which can be assigned to asset owners. You can also edit the "Review Risk Evaluation" which is a visual representation of the level of risk the vendor poses.


In the upper right-hand corner, you can see a progress bar indicating how far along the review is. You also have the ability to cancel or conclude the review.


Concluding A Vendor Review

When you conclude a review, you have the ability to Accept or Reject the vendor. You can also leave comments on why you reached your decision. From the "Conclude Review" modal you can also schedule the follow up review for that vendor. Most often companies choose to review vendors yearly.