Viewing and Exporting your Policy Manual

Viewing your policy manual

Once you have an approved version of your policy manual, you are able to view the controls in their entirety following the steps below.

  • Click on Policy Manual from within the GRC dropdown
  • Select the Current Policy Manual
  • You can dig in by Framework or specific Domain by using the filters on the left (see Viewing a Gap Assessment for more information)
  • Select "Show Mappings" to view which policies map back to which framework when reviewing your entire policy manual
  • "Select Show Implementations" to view which procedures implement the policy

An example of a policy manual with "Show Mappings" enabled to reveal the mapped framework requirements.


What if Comply says "No approved policy manual"?

In the Policy Manual, you're shown the latest approved version of your ISMS by default. If you've never approved any control, this page will be blank. Head over to the "Controls" tab to review your controls and approve them to start building up your policy manual.

Exporting your policy manual

You can export any "view" of your policy manual by clicking "Print" in the upper-right corner of the document.

To export a particular domain (policy), just filter by the domain you wish to share and click "Print" in the upper-right corner of the document for a PDF.