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Aptible Comply Rooms is a data room solution for B2B SaaS teams who need to close deals quicker by giving customers self-serve access to confidential security documentation.

Customers use Rooms to give their customers and prospects instant access to confidential security documentation while streamlining the manual process of providing it. They also leverage tracking and analytics to understand what parts of their compliance program are driving new bookings, lowering churn, and engaging their customers/prospects the most.


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When you want to see your Rooms usage and how your security documentation is performing, you can view a Metrics dashboard that will help you understand how your customers and prospects are engaging with your Rooms and the effect your compliance is having on sales and renewals:


This metrics dashboard is meant to serve as a quick view of your Rooms performance and a springboard to the most important activities.

All-Time Summary: This section provides you with at-a-glance information about your entire Room:

Downloads: The number of downloads across all of the documents in your Room

Documents with Downloads: How many of your available documents have actually been accessed

Active Customers: The number of customers that are actually accessing your documents.

Top Documents: In this section, you can see how each of your documents is performing overall. You can see how many downloads each has had and when it was last accessed by a customer.

Account Activity: In this section, youโ€™re presented with visualization of your customers who have downloaded the most documents from your Room, presented by domain. You can see more detailed activity by clicking: "View All Account Activity" To learn more about Tracking Customer Activity click here.


Share Room: By clicking "Share Room" you can grant a customer or prospect access to your Room without leaving your metrics dashboard. To learn more about granting users access to your Room, click here.