For billing information, navigate to your account settings in the Aptible dashboard and select Billing.

  1. Under the Overview tab, you can see:

    • Your current plan and monthly base rate
    • Resources (containers, disk space, and endpoints) deployed in each environment
    • Any billable usage
    • The unit price rate per resource type
  2. Under the Plan tab you can view your current plan, or upgrade plans.

  3. Under the Payment Method tab you can change or edit your payment method, and view

    • Your current plan
    • Your account's billing anniversary
    • The estimated monthly cost of your current configuration
    • Your account's current balance
  4. To pay by ACH, contact Support, and include the following bank information:

    • Account owner name
    • Routing Number
    • Account Number
  5. To change the recipient of monthly invoices (automatically sent at time of payment), contact Support.