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What is a Database?

A database is any important information store, including production data, test data, and customer data.

How do I add a Database?

  • Click on the Assets tab in the top navbar
  • Select Databases on the left hand navigation
  • Click Add Database in the top right
  • Add in the Name of the database, as well as the Owner, Description, Purpose, Data Classification, and Status
  • Status Legend:
    • Active: database is being actively managed using Comply for functions like access control reviews, authorizations, etc.
    • Inactive: database is no longer in use and/or is not being managed within Comply
  • Select Add Database at the bottom


Data Classification

The Data Classification of the asset refers to the highest level of sensitivity of data that this asset processes. Check out the 2. Classify Your Data section of Aptible's Guide to Asset Management for more information.

Updating Database properties

Databases have many additional fields that you can update by clicking into the "Detail" view of the Database. These properties are important for processes such as Business Impact Assessments and general Asset Management procedures.

Check out our Guide to Asset Management for best practices about how to fill in these fields.

What is a data rotation strategy?

Data rotation refers to archiving old or infrequently accessed data from a database. For example, you might archive old PostgreSQL records to Amazon S3 or Glacier.

If you don't archive data out of this database, just leave this blank or put

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